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Keeping your dog safe, during hot Summer temperatures.

Be mindful for how hot your car gets in the Summertime, while you have your dog in the car with you. Also check sidewalks, and black top to make sure it isn't to hot for your dogs pads. As they could burn the bottom of their feet, just like we burn our skin from the sun.

Make you always have water for your dog at all times. Never leave your dog unattended in the car. If you do have to leave your dog in the car for a few minutes, make sure the windows are down, and your dog has access to water.

You have to be careful, or else you might end up with a fine for leaving your dog in the car.

  • A normal dogs body temperature is 100- 102℉. If your dogs temp rises to 104℉, then your dog is probably showing signs of heat exhaustion. If your dogs temp rises to 107-109℉, this is not good. Your dog is going into heat stroke.

Signs of heat stroke are:

  • Collapse's

  • Seizures

  • Coma

  • Organ failure

  • Death

  • Heavy panting, difficulty breathing.

  • Lethargic

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