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Make your dogs safe during Thanksgiving.


Here are some tips on keeping your dogs safe during Thanksgiving.

- First remember that your dog might get stressed when your guests come over. So try to put them in another room away from guests or in their crate. You can also give them a bone or a Kong to chew on to keep them occupied.

- Make sure your dog is okay and gets along with people. And that people like being around your dog.

- You might also want to put your dog in its crate, another room, or on a leash when guests first arrive. So that it doesn’t run out the door and escape, make sure you have a good recall with your dog.

- Lastly here is a chart of which foods are safe and not safe for your dog to eat on Thanksgiving. Most importantly, dogs can not eat turkey skin, cooked bones, onions or garlic, nuts, nutmeg, sage, chocolate, dough, batter and alcohol.

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