Puppy socialization while staying at home.

Puppy socialization ideas for you, while you are staying home with your puppy.

Dogs: Go outside in your yard and watch people walk by with their dogs. When someone is walking by and your puppy is excited to see them reward with lots treat and praise. Make it a positive experience. Once the dog is out of site and moving away slow down on giving your puppy treats. You can do this same thing in the house, by having your puppy looking out the window or even on walks from a distance. People: Do all these same things when you see people walking. Give lots of treats and praise. You should also take your puppy in the car with you for a drive or to the grocery store. When your puppy sees other people reward. Other socialization: Make sure to hold your puppy a few times a day in different positions. Make sure to ouch the ears, feet, tail, and mouth. This way your dog gets used to being touched in these different places. This way when you go to the vet your puppy will be prepared and desensitized. Also get your puppy socialized and desensitized to different objects, surfaces and noises. Such as, having your puppy walk on smooth, and rough surfaces. Noises- make clapping noises, banging, vacuuming, beeping, honking, etc. Get creative with things that you have around your house.

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