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Thanksgiving tips for your dog.

Hi! With Thanksgiving coming up quickly, I wanted to share some tips on things your dog can enjoy from the feast and things that need to be avoided. We want to make sure that your pup is safe during the holiday!

Here are some things to remember as you bring guests into your home. First, remember that your dog might get stressed when your guests come over. You can give them a bone or a Kong to chew on to help keep them occupied. Do you need some ideas on what to put in the Kong? Check out this video on the website for some tips:

Ensure your dog is okay, gets along with people and that people like being around your dog.

Put your crate in another room or put on a leash on your dog when guests first arrive. This helps to make certain your pup doesn’t run out the door and escape during the excitement of greeting your friends and family. If you choose to go this route, be sure you are able to catch their attention and have a good recall with your dog.

It is tempting to share your Thanksgiving feast with your pup, but keep in mind that certain things can make them very ill and in some cases, can cause death. Here is a list of things that dogs cannot eat: turkey skin, cooked bones, onions or garlic, nuts, nutmeg, sage, chocolate, dough, batter and alcohol. However, feel free to share the following items: unseasoned turket, cranberries, unbuttered sweet potatoes, green beans, canned or cooked pumpkin, cooked corn (no cobs!) and apples that are cored and deseeded.

With some planning, everyone can partake in a happy Thanksgiving - humans and canines included!

Here are some graphics for quick reference.

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