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What are some things you need when getting a new puppy?

Bringing a new puppy into your family is an exciting time! It’s easy to get overwhelmed in planning what you need for your new bundle of fur. We have compiled a checklist of 24 essential items to have on hand. Here are 6 out of the 24 in more detail.

What is the difference between a 6, 10, and 15-foot leash?

A 6-foot leash is excellent for walking and keeping your puppy close while walking. A 10-foot leash is also good for walking,allowing your puppy to explore what is around you. Lastly, a 15-foot leash is excellent for recalling/ calling your puppy to you.

What kind of harness should you get?

Getting a harness with an option to clip the leash on the back or the front of the harness. This way, if your puppy pulls, you can clip the leash on the front of the harness. I recommend three harnesses: Freedom no pull harness, pet safe 3-in-1 harness, and blue-9 harness.

What type of crate should you buy?

I recommend the Midwest wire crate with two doors on it. It also comes with a divider, which is great to use when you have a little puppy and only want to contain it in a small area in the crate. As the puppy grows and gets bigger, you can move the divider more and more, allowing for more room.

What to get if your puppy ran off?

An ID tag is good to put on your puppy’s collar with your phone number in case your puppy gets lost.

What to use to potty train your puppy?

Bells are a great option to hang on your doorknob. After your puppy learns how to ring the bells hanging on the door. Your puppy should start ringing them on their own to let you know it needs to go outside to potty.

What kind of toys to get for your puppy?

I like Kong toys that have no stuffing in them. They are durable and last a long time.

Please check out our complete puppy checklist page at:

While you are there, remember to look at our current upcoming class schedule so you can enroll your pup in training classes.

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