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What should your puppy know and be learning at 11 and 12 months.

Now your puppy is in the early stages of adulthood. Most puppies don’t fully mature until 2- 3 years old. Until then your puppy will continue to be in the teenage phase. Have tons of energy and may still chew on things.

It is important to keep socializing your older puppy. A great option is set up play dates with friends or doggie daycare.

It is also important to keep providing enough exercise and mental stimulation for your puppy. Now that your puppy is older you can on much longer walks/ hikes. They can run and jump. Do dog sports like agility.

It is also important to keep reminding your dog of all of the training and skills that they have learned.

Some great classes to consider is the Canine Good Citizen class, or other advanced classes.

If you run into any behavioral problems, please contact us at 720-692-8887 or

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