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What should your puppy know and be learning at 9 and 10 months

Your puppy is growing up and is getting older now. You are ready to start doing some advanced training with your dog. You can introduce things such as long-distance stays, long distance recall, and you should also be able to walk your puppy longer distances.

Because your puppy is older and almost done growing, you can give them lots more exercise. Longer walks, running, and fetching games.

Consider doing some distraction training with your puppy. To help get your puppy's focus back in you much more quickly when distracting things are happening around you.

Some other great class options are doing a refresher on basic obedience. Once your puppy has learned all the essential cues, you are ready to do the Canine Good Citizen class.

Check when the upcoming classes are starting:

Since your puppy is older, they are still in the teenage phase, and the hormones are still going on, this may bring on humping behavior. Take this into consideration when having your puppy around other puppies.

Barking might be a new behavior for your puppy. Tell your puppy to quiet. Give them a treat when they are quiet. If your puppy is barking, call us to solve this behavior before it worsens.

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