Testimonials people have written from taking dog training classes.

Amy Fuester's six week puppy class was a real help with teaching our puppy, Koda, the basics. Amy is very accomplished at demonstrating how to teach puppies the basics:  sit, stay, down, touch, and release.  She is patient and kind, works well with the puppies, and answers any number of questions in a thoughtful manner. Koda has learned all of the basics, is much more focused, and he enjoyed his practice sessions at class and at home.  He also had a lot of fun running around the classroom playing with another puppy, which was very good for his socialization skills. I really admire Amy's skill in training these rambunctious pups, and her dedication in teaching us how to train Koda to be a much better behaved dog. I highly recommend Amy's puppy classes, and she also offers private dog behavioral solving sessions. Thank-you, Amy!!Jeannie, Dave, and Koda

  • My puppy enjoyed his experience learning and obeying cues for training.    - Christiana and Quattro

  • Amy is very patient, kind and knowledgeable. You can tell she loves dogs! - Jamie and Riley

  • I liked having the one on one time in class and ideas. - Koree and Brutus

  • My puppy and I learned valuable tips on growing up acceptably! -Linda and Lucy Lou

  • It was a great experience and introduction for my puppy. - Mike and Albie

  •  My puppy and I would practice when we got home from class, and I would smile big at my puppy for when she does what she learned in puppy class!

  • The puppy class is a great way to start off for your puppy, and to get off on the right foot.

  •  Amy has a quiet and happy approach. Was a great fit for our dog. I learned a bunch too thanks!

  •  Amy has such great ideas and patience!

  •  Amy was great, good training and very flexible.

  • The gentle approach to training was a breath of fresh air.

  • Nice and relaxed method of training.

  • Really enjoyed having my puppy able to engage with other puppies and people. 

  • Amy is great, and works very well with puppies of all breeds!

  • Socializing my puppy was a good part of the class. 

  • Training around distractions. 

  • I like the small sized class because I got some personal instructions. 

  • This is a great and informative experience. 

  • In just four weeks our pup learned a lot. a great start for you and your pup!

  •  Amy taught us how to get our puppy on a really great page! 

  • I really enjoyed having my puppy learn see me, stay and playtime! - Jeri and Murphy

  • Amy provided good training tips. - Carol and Tico

  • We experienced improvement right away, class was easygoing. - Heather and Rex

  • Our puppy learned a lot and he is growing into a responsible pup!

  •  Our Sammy loved Amy! He would jump through flaming hoops for her!!

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