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Do you have questions about what kind of training Amy’s Mountain Dog Training offers?

We offer group classes, private lessons, a drop-in-train program, puppy play times, and more! You can find all the answers to your questions by visiting our FAQ page:

We hope you can find all the answers to your questions on the FAQ page. If not, reach out and let’s get them answered for you.


Here is a list of questions that you might find yourself asking:


o What do you teach in the beginner puppy class?

o What do you teach in the intermediate puppy class?

o How many puppies are in the class?

o Does my puppy need to have all its shots before doing a class?

o What age does my puppy need to be to do class?

o Which class is the best fit for my puppy?

o Where are you located?

o What kind of training do you offer?

o What issues specifically do you do training for?

o What style of training do you do?

o Which private lesson package is the best fit?

o What do we work on for private lessons?

o What are your service areas?

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