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Group Classes

We offer beginner puppy classes, next-level puppy classes, basic obedience classes, and Canine Good Citizen classes taught in Evergreen, Colorado. We teach all the basics in each class, such as sit, down, wait, stay, come, loose leash walking, watch me, leave it, recall, and more.
Sign up below to enroll in group classes according to your dog’s age. The class calendar is at the bottom of this page. Class descriptions can be found when you click on each class.
Check back frequently to see the class schedule!

You can now set up an account. This way all of your information is saved when you login. Then when you book classes in the future all of your information is already save.

Class Schedule

Beg. Puppy class

Next level puppy class

Basic Obedience class

Canine Good Citizen class

Puppy Social Play Time

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