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 I created Amy's Mountain Dog Training serving Evergreen and Conifer, Co to help you and your dog to achieve goals together. That will give you life long skills, to help build a strong and everlasting bond. I would love to help you train your dog in Evergreen,Co from basic obedience and beyond! I train any dog both big and small! I believe in training with positive reinforcement as a key element as well as force free training. 


About Me

Training Dogs with a passion, because they are amazing animals!

Let me introduce myself and my philosophy on dog training. Years ago I was able to find my passion for dog training with just being around dogs. This passion bloomed into a career path. Which lead to me studying to become a dog trainer online, with Animal Behavior  College. I was even able to get some practical training experience with a local dog rescue in Evergreen, Co and also work alongside with another dog trainer. I created Amy's Mountain Dog Training serving Evergreen and Conifer, Co to help others achieve their goals that they have with their dog, and to help build a strong and everlasting bond. I would love to help you train your dog in Evergreen, CO from basic obedience and beyond! I believe in training with positive reinforcement as a key element. 


To help your dog become a better dog through positive reward based training. I offer training locally in Evergreen and Conifer, Co. For any dog both big and small!

No Pain, No Force, No Fear!

No Shock, No Prong, No Choke!

Look at our new dog training packages. You will get $20.00 off, this is for private sessions only.

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Schedule your free consultation 30 minute for me to get some general information. So that I will be able to have a better understanding of how to help you and your dog with training.


For puppies 10 weeks up to 6 months old. Your puppy will learn all the essential obedience commands. From sit, down, stay, come, place, loose leash walking, etc. 
Please be sure to book online. 
1 hour classes.


For all dogs 6 months and up. They will learn all the basic obedience commands. such as sit, down, stay, come, touch, loose leash walking, etc. and even some tricks.
Please be sure to book online.
1 hour classes.


For all dogs who need some extra one on one attention. These private classes are 45 minutes to an hour. 

I also offer private session training packages. please see the book online page for details.
Please be sure to book online.


This is a follow up to see how far the dog has got and to see how much it has learned. Also to see if there is anything else that needs improvement. 

Please be sure to book online.

45 minutes to an hour.


This is to help solve any problems that your dog might have. Such as jumping, begging, digging, etc. 
Please be sure to book online and also be able to view what behavioral problems I can help with.
30 minutes to an hour.


To temperament test your litter of puppies to get and also how to socialize them.

Please be sure to book online.

1 to 2 hours.

Testimonials people have written from taking dog training classes.

Amy Fuester's six week puppy class was a real help with teaching our puppy, Koda, the basics.Amy is very accomplished at demonstrating how to teach puppies the basics:  sit, stay, down, touch, and release.  She is patient and kind, works well with the puppies, and answers any number of questions in a thoughtful manner.Koda has learned all of the basics, is much more focused, and he enjoyed his practice sessions at class and at home.  He also had a lot of fun running around the classroom playing with another puppy, which was very good for his socialization skills.I really admire Amy's skill in training these rambunctious pups, and her dedication in teaching us how to train Koda to be a much better behaved dog.I highly recommend Amy's puppy classes, and she also offers private dog behavioral solving sessions.Thank-you, Amy!!Jeannie, Dave, and Koda