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Day Drop N Train Program
Starting October 16.


Amy's Mountian Dog Training will be offering a 2-week drop-in training program. 

This is a 2-week drop n train program. For this program, you will drop your dog off at our dog training facility in Evergreen. Every day Monday- Friday. At a set time of 2 hours from 8:00 am-10:00 am. I will take your dog out and about town. Find distracting environments and work on polishing/ proofing the new cues and lessons. At the end of their training session, your dog will be ready to head home, take a nap, and “digest” that day’s lesson. The next day we do it all over with a well-rested dog that got to eat dinner at home with his family and sleep in his bed.   


This program is excellent for dogs of all ages, puppies 12 weeks and older. Newly adopted dogs and puppies, and will provide a fantastic foundation that will support your dog throughout their life with you.

We will teach your dog the Basic Foundation Skills: Sit, Down, Place, Touch/Come, walk on a loose leash, leave it, off, drop it, have your dog do check-ins, and do anything else that needs to be worked on.

We take your dog on outings and work among real-world distractions. Your dog will have the undivided attention of our trainer during their lessons.


ALL our training is Positive Reinforcement/ Force Free. We will not use any equipment designed to cause physical or mental discomfort for your dog.

  • Package includes:

    • Over the course of two weeks, your dog will get 10- 2 hour lessons (20 hours of training.)

    • 4 private 30-minute lessons with you and your dog (during the 2-week training.)

    • Access to private lessons for up to 6 months (no additional fee)

    • Equipment includes a harness fitted to your dog.

 To get started you must reserve a space in advance. Please schedule a phone consultation to discuss how the program works, training goals, available dates, cost, and paperwork.

The next step is to do a meet-and-greet so that your dog can get comfortable being at the dog training facility, and for your dog to meet me and for me to meet your dog. After the meet-and-greet, you will be scheduled to start the drop-n-train program soon. A $250.00 deposit is due during the meet-and-greet. The total cost for the package is $1,800.00.

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