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This is our list of recommended products that I use and recommend for dog training. I have seen great results with using them. A lot of dogs benefit from using some of these training tools. 

Here are the products that I recommend and why:


The recommended harness is a versatile choice that can fit almost any dog. It offers three options for clipping the leash onto the dog: on the dog's back, chest, or both. For optimal control, I suggest clipping the leash to both the dog’s back and chest. This way, the leash is evenly applied to the dog, even if it pulls.




This leash is a great choice because of its thoughtful design. It features two clips, one on the top of the harness and the other on the front, ensuring an even distribution of pressure. This means it's not just pulling on your dog's back or chest. The handle is strategically placed in the middle of the leash, providing a comfortable grip and a sense of control.


Leash Handle


Recall is important to teach dogs. This leash is a helpful tool for working on recall.

Long Leash for Recall



One of the reasons that I like these treats is because they are easy to break up into smaller pieces. Most dogs love them because they taste good and are smelly. Plus, there is only one ingredient in them.


This treat pouch is pretty nice. It can clip onto the side of your pants making it easy access to get treats out for your dog. There are also two dividing pockets. This way you are able to have at least two different treats with you.

Treat pouch



Bells are a pretty handy tool for potty training your puppy. Once you have taught your puppy to ring the bells to go outside to go potty. Your puppy should start to ring them all by themselves. When you hear your puppy ringing the bells take them outside to go potty.

Bells for potty training



Here are Nylabone’s and chew toys. These are great for puppies who are teething. Plus they can chew on something that they are allowed to chew on instead of your shoe or something similar.

Nylabone chew toy


Nylabone bone chew toy


Nylabone chew toy


Nylabone freeze chew toy



Kongs are awesome for dogs. You can stuff the middle with a lot of different stuff. Peanut butter (natural peanut butter. Not sugar-free. Sugar-free peanut butter contains xylitol in it.)  Carrot, apple, banana, or pumpkin baby food. Canned dog food.  Plain yogurt. 100% pure pumpkin. Treats. Etc.

Kong Classic


Puppy Kong


Crates & Beds:

This is a great crate because it comes with a divider. As your puppy grows and gets bigger you can move the divider in the crate to allow more room for your puppy.



This bed is helpful for your dog to go to place to lay down when doing training.

Dog bed



Clickers are helpful tools for reinforcing the correct behavior that you ask your dog to do.

Dog Clicker


Dog Gate:

If you have a new puppy and would like to gate off certain areas in your house this will come in handy for you to use.

Dog Gate

Puppy Kong.png
Classic Kong (1).png
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