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Learn how to get your dog’s focus and help them to relax.

This is an excellent class for dogs that are fearful and anxious about their surroundings and everything happening around them. Is your dog overexcited and getsdistracted easily? This is a great class for them! It is also for dogs who need to learn more lifelong skills.

In this class, you and your dog will learn what to do and be able to gain your dog's attention and focus back on you. This is also great for dogs who are worried about their surroundings and need help to relax. In this class, you will learn skills to help get their attention back on you when they are distracted. To keep them focusing on you when they are worried about everything that’s going on around them. Your dog will learn pattern games and relaxation exercises. Your dog/ puppy needs to know how to sit, down, and stay.

Here is what you will learn in class:

Mat work/ relaxation exercises

Pattern games

How to calm down and take a breath of air.

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