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Mental Stimulation for your dog.

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Mental stimulation is still important to a dog’s behavioral well-being as physical exercise. Since most domesticated dogs receive their food from out a bowl on a schedule, they are deprived of the mentally stimulating foraging activity natural to them. Offering outlets for these natural behaviors can drastically reduce problem behaviors that are going on in the home. Additionally, almost any dog can undertake mental enrichment activities, including those with a physical impairment that limits the possibility of physical activity.

*For example, a dog with hip dysphasia may be unable to walk, run, or jump but would enjoy foraging with a food puzzle or stuffed Kong rubber toy.

Here are some ideas for mental stimulation outlets.

1. Stuff a Kong

2. Dog puzzles

3. Lickimat

4. A fun feeder interactive dog bowl

5. Have your dog work for its food

6. Teach your dog some new tricks

7. Teach your dog the name of its toys.

8. Do some nose work games

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