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2-week Day and Train program.

This is a two-week program (10 days). Your dog comes to our training center every day for two hours, Monday through Friday. You can drop your dog off for this program or stay and watch and/or participate in the training. This is at our dog training facility in Evergreen.

This program is excellent for dogs of all ages, from puppies starting at 12 weeks to a new adopted adult dog. It provides a fantastic foundation that will support your dog throughout its life with you.

We teach your dog the basic foundation skills: sit, down, place, touch/come, walk on a loose leash, leave it, off and drop it. We also have your dog do check-ins, and work on training based on the specific needs of your unique family.

Your dog accompanies us on outings and works among real-world distractions. These experiences include walking around town, interacting with other people and pets and provides them “real life” experiences to practice everything they are learning. The goal is for your pup to return home with the education that helps them.

Your dog will have the undivided attention of our trainer during their lessons. All of the training is Positive Reinforcement/Force Free and pain-free! We will not use any equipment designed to cause physical or mental discomfort for your dog.

As part of all of our training programs, your dog will receive a comfortable, properly fitting harness and a leash that supports our humane training methods. WE NEVER use, suggest, or support the use of e-collars (shock collars), prong (pinch) collars, choke (nylon or chain) collars, yelling, hitting, throwing objects or any such inhumane methods or tools when training your dog. Scientific research has proven that these tools and techniques are detrimental to the mental, emotional and physical health of your pet and are damaging to the relationship between you and your pet.

We train YOU, too. We support you via phone, email and up to 6 private one-hour lessons when needed for three months after their initial training is completed. This is included at no additional cost to you.


Please visit the website here to find out more about the program and to sign up.

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