Christmas Tips

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Be careful with seasonal plants and decorations.

-Make sure the tree is securely set up.

-Avoid mistletoe and holly. These can make your dog really sick. As well as poinsettia’s.

-Don’t leave candles unattended.

-Keep wires, batteries, glass and plastic ornaments out of reach.

Avoid Christmas food dangers.

-Make sure to keep all sweets up and out of reach.

-Don’t feed your dog leftover fatty foods, spicy foods, or cooked bones.

-Be careful with selecting special treats for your dog and that they aren’t from China.

Make sure to have a pet safe Christmas gathering.

-Have some house rules sat for both people and dogs.

-Keep all medications out of reach.

-Give your dog a room of their own that they can enjoy for some peace and quiet.


Also be careful with New Year’s fireworks!

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