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What equipment is recommended for training your puppy/dog:

Here is a list of items recommended for you to get for training your dog. The 3-in-1 harness is excellent for clipping the leash in the front, especially if you have a dog that likes to pull a lot. Using a leash that clips both on the front and back will help you control your dog better. It also helps to evenly balance out the pulling on the back or the front. A clicker is a great tool to mark the correct cue or behavior you asked your dog to do. Please read our blog on clicker training here:

A treat pouch is very helpful to put your treats in rather than your packet. Treats are great to reward your dog when they do something right! Lastly, having a flatbed, mat, or rug helps teach your dog to lie down on something when told to do so. Please schedule an appointment to teach your dog to go to place.


o A 3-in-1 PetSafe harness


o Double connecting leash: (Codepets Long Rope Dog Leash for Dog Training)


o Clicker


o Treat pouch


o Treats


o A mat, bed or rug for having your dog go to place


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