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How is a clicker beneficial for training your dog?

You may be asking how a clicker is beneficial when training your dog. Well, it is another way to mark the correct behaviors that you are telling your dog to do. Instead of your dog guessing if they did something right.

Such as when you ask your dog to sit or lie on its bed. So, you would use the clicker because your dog did the right thing that you told them to do.

When you start using a clicker, you want to desensitize your dog to it and the noise that the clicker makes. To start by doing this, click it and treat your dog. Do this ten times. You must also associate the clicker with a reward, like a treat.

Your dog will be more willing to do what you ask and tell them to do when you use a clicker. A clicker is a great and valuable tool.

If you need help with clicker training, we offer in-home, personalized puppy training sessions to ensure your puppy is happy, healthy, and thriving.

To learn more about in-home training, please visit to schedule your session.

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