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How well does your dog listen and pay attention to you?

How well does your dog really listen and pay attention to you?

Well there is some good news on how to fix this issue. You need to start having your dog regularly check in with you. In order to do this first teach your dog watch me and find the face.

· Watch me:

Have the dog sit then place a treat in front of the dogs nose and then move it up to between your eyes. Once the dog makes eye contact with you say watch me, look, focus, or eyes. Then say Good Watch Me and reward.

5-10 times per day.

· Find the face:

This is where you turn around and the dog will wonder where you went, so the dog will then come to the front of you. When the dog looks up at your face reward. Keep on doing this.

5-10 times per day.

Next start walking and turn around and walk the other way see if your dog will turn around and follow and look at you. If your dog looks at you reward them.

You can also take your dog outside on a leash and just stand there and wait for your dog to look at you. When your dog does turn back around and looks at you reward them.

These are the first few steps in helping your dog check in and listen better to you.

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