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Inappropriate chewing behavior

Inappropriate chewing.

There are 4 steps in order to solve this problem. It is called a treatment plan.

1. Make sure to positively reinforce alternate behaviors.

You need to remember that lots of dogs like to chew. But it is up to you as the owner in order to solve/ stop this problem. This might involve teaching the dog to chew on appropriate items and the reward the dog. Dogs do not have an inherent sense of what a chew toy is, nor can they differentiate between a chew toy and a family heirloom. So you as the owner need to teach the dog the difference.

The key to addressing inappropriate chewing is to strongly fixate the dog chewing on the correct items. If you can get the dog to chew on the right items 70% of the time more often then the dog currently does, then logically the dog is going to chew 70% less on the incorrect items. You need to these plus the dog needs proper exercise and a good diet. Also make the unacceptable items less available and tasty for the dog. This will help create a good treatment plan for you and the dog. By fixing the dogs attention to the proper chew toys, this will make it easier for the dog to make the correct choice.

Make sure to always reward the dog for its right and good behavior.

You might want to pick out some proper chew toys such as bully sticks, elk antlers, Nylabone, Durachews, and Kong are all great choices. Things that wouldn’t be so good are fuzzy pouch toys, fuzzy slippers, pillows, children’s toys, stuffed animals, and ropes. These are just naming a few.

2. You want to manage the problem and set the dog up to succeed.

To effectively manage a dog being treated for inappropriate chewing, you want to set up an environment in which the dog has no chance of making improper chewing choices. The dog or puppy must be prevented from chewing on inappropriate objects at all times. It does not matter if you are present or not. Crates and play pens for inside dogs can be used, or dog runs for dogs who are outside can be used. These provide the dog with areas where it can’t chew on lots of things.

But make sure not to leave your dog all day outside as the dog might chew on your patio furniture or other things such as tree branches. Make sure to not let your dog run freely around in your house. This would be like leaving your 2 year old at home unattended. If you are having a really hard time getting your dog to stop chewing you can use a spray called bitter apple.

3. Have consequences for inappropriate chewing.

If you see your dog chewing on something inappropriate walk or run away from your dog, because what will happen is that this will intrigue the dog and will hopefully cause the dog to drop the object and run after you. This will consequently make the dog forget what it was chewing on. When the dog gets close to you have the dog get an appropriate chew toy instead. This is really successful if you have worked on fixating the dog on this toy.

Once the item has been replaced with the appropriate chew toy, you should then take the inappropriate item out of the dogs sight and reach. Then this should discourage the dog from finding the object again to chew on.

Now if the dog has something of yours that you don’t want the dog to have, chasing the dog around the house will not be successful at all. The dog will think that you are waning to play a game of “catch me if you can”. So you can put a leash on your dog and have it drag it around the house, and that way when you catch the dog chewing on something inappropriate you can step on the leash and catch the dog.

4. Be consistent in dealing with inappropriate chewing.

Consistency is very critical when working to curtail or eliminate bad behavior problems, such as chewing.

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