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Loose leash walking

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

 - Equipment that will need is a 6ft leash, a 15ft leash, treats, clicker, and a harness.

-  I like to use the freedom no pull harnesses. You can get these off from, or unleashed pet store in conifer.

- The dog does not need to be in a heel position right by your side all the time. It is good to give dogs slack in the leash and also give them a chance to go smell the grass.

- With the harness you can clip a leash to the front hook and also clip a leash to the back hook. This will help more with controlling the dog. When you are walking your dog and if it starts to pull, simply stop walking and wait for the dog to return back to you. Then reward the dog, with treats and praise. You can also use a clicker to mark the right behavior.

-Another thing that might help is doing find the face. This is where you turn around and the dog will wonder where you went. When the dog comes to the front of you, and looks up at your face reward. Keep on doing this.

-Also when walking you can have have the dog do some sit and watch me’s.

-Another helpful tool can also be dropping treats onto the ground as you are walking or see if the dog will catch them. You always want to reward the dog when the dog is walking and not pulling. This way the dog will realize pulling is not as fun, but rather when not pulling is way more fun because the dog gets treats.

Contact us today as your local dog trainer in Evergreen and Conifer, to help you and your dog go on enjoyable walks.

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