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Teaching a dog recall Equipment that you will need is a 6 foot leash, a 25-30 foot leash, treats and a clicker. So below are some different exercises to strengthen up on recall.

  • The running come game. Put the dog on a leash then start running backwards make sure the dog follows you. So you can have treats in your hand for the dog to get. As the dog is following you say good come.

  • Have the dog on a 6 foot leah sitting in front of you. Now show the dog a treat at its nose level keep it there and start backing up. The dog should want to follow you. Use an encouraging voice. As the dog reaches you give the treat, click and reward. Also say good come.

  • Another thing that you can do is have a treat and keep it close to your body and don’t extend you hand. You want to do this as you start backing up. Just before the dog reaches you say come and reach out your hand, then encourage the dog to touch its nose to your hand. Then give the release cue and reward by saying good come and using the clicker. You want to gradually increase this by having the dog an a longer leash.

  • Teach the dog to sit in front of you is a good thing, that way when you call the dog it will come all the way to you. So to do this show the dog a treat then have the dog follow the treat to fairly close to your body and say front then reward by treating, clicking and saying good front.

  • Then add the focus cue. Let the dog wander 3 to 4 feet away then say come and get excited. As soon as the dog starts coming towards you show it a treat. Then the dog should sit in front of you and immediately have the dog give direct eye contact then treat, click and reward by saying good watch me.

  • Now we are ready to teach distance. Have the dog on a 10 to 15 foot leash. Get a treat ready without the dog seeing it. Say the dogs name and come. The dog should come running. As soon as the dog reaches you click and say good come. Then have the dog do a sit and watch me then reward. Then slowly start increasing the distance, to up to 25-50 feet.

  • Now we are ready to introduce the dog to distractions. Have the dog wander away say come, the dog should stop and sit and stay watch me. The dog should stay for 3 to 5 seconds. Then reward the dog. Keep doing this in the same spot do not move to a larger distraction area until the dog can do this 90% of the time. Make sure to click, treat and reward by saying good stay.

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