Thunder and Fireworks

Updated: Aug 21, 2019


There are many dogs who are very afraid of rain storms. And they will hide like under the bed or in the tub/ shower because they are so frightened. So here are some things that you can do to help prevent your dog from being so scared.

- First of all don’t leave your dog outside if you think that it is going to rain! This could cause the dog to tear up things or even try to get out of your yard.

- If you are at home when it is raining you can try to play with your dog, and do obedience commands with your dog. You should probably put your dog on a leash while doing this stuff, so that it can’t get away from you to hide. Do this stuff every time you are home when it is raining.

- Once you think that your dog is getting more used to when it is raining and is more calm, then maybe try to go outside and practice like in the garage with the door open, or any other sheltered area.

- If you are going to be gone when it is raining, please leave your dog in the house and do not leave your dog outside. You might need to put it in a crate, as this might make your dog feel more secure. You can also use a Thunder Shirt for your dog. You can also leave the radio on to slow soothing music.

- If this stuff up above is still not working then maybe try to desensitize your dog to the noise, by going on to like YouTube and finding thunder videos to play. Start with them on a low volume then slowly increase it to a louder volume.

Contact us today as your local dog trainer in Evergreen and Conifer, to help you desensitize your dog to thunder and fireworks.


Probably about 90% of dogs every 4rth of July totally freak out with fireworks. Some dogs will even be so scared that they break out of sliding glass doors or windows in houses and end up getting hurt really bad! So here are some tips of stuff that you can do to calm your dog down.

 If you are going to be gone while fireworks will be happening then you should leave your dog in the house. Maybe put the dog in a a crate, so that is feels more secure. Or try to make your house very secure for your dog.

 You can also put a thunder shirt on your dog, or tie a piece of stretchy fabric around the sides and under their body. (Picture down below).

 If your dog happens to escape because it is so scared make sure that it is wearing its current ID tags.

 You can also get your dog microchipped.

 Never leave your dog outside! It doesn’t matter even how secure your yard is. Your dog could still get out.

 You can leave the radio playing, and this will hopefully drown out the sound of the fireworks.

 You can also play with your dog, give treats and do some obedience cues. To help get your dogs mind off from the fireworks.

 Try not to give in to your dog being scared and feeling sorry for it, because this can cause your dog to become even more scared.

 You can also try to find a video on YouTube of fireworks being shot off and start with it on a low volume and try to slowly increase the volume up. But don’t make your dog scared!


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