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What are the top tools you need when training a puppy in your home?

Have you ever wondered what the top tools you need at home when you get your puppy and start training? Here is a helpful list for you to read.

1. Treats: Treats are an excellent motivator for your puppy to do the right stuff you ask them to do. When you start training them with basic cues, you’ll use treats to reinforce what you told them to do. You should also use treats to redirect them away from doing something wrong and get them focused back on you. You should also use treats to get the puppy’s attention and focus back on you.

2. Clicker: A clicker is a great tool to reinforce and mark the correct cues and behaviors you ask your puppy to do.

3. Crate: A crate should be a safe and comfortable place for your puppy to be in and relax. It is a useful thing for potty training. So that you don’t have to watch where your puppy is in the house constantly. If you have taken your puppy outside and it didn‘t go potty, bring it back inside and put it in the crate. Then after a few minutes, take the puppy back outside. Etc. Using a crate is also helpful if your puppy is chewing everything in the house. This way, your puppy is in a safe place and won‘t get into any trouble. You also can leave your puppy in the crate when you are going to leave and be gone for an extended period of time.

4. Toys/ bones: Provide your puppy with many strong and durable toys. This way, your puppy has access to chew on something appropriate. You should also get food/ treat dispensing toys. The puppy has a fun activity to do and keeps them occupied. Also, provide them with soft puppy bones. These will help them while teething. Last but least, a Kong toy is a great tool for crate training, teething/ chewing, crate training, separation anxiety, etc. It is the safest thing to give your puppy.

5. Gates: Make sure you have some gates to put up to rooms you don‘t want your puppy wandering into. That way, there aren’t any surprise accidents.

6. Harness and leash: Get a harness and leash for your puppy. This will be good for little walks and taking your puppy somewhere.

7. Bells for potty training: You should consider getting bells to hang on the door handle or close to the door outside your puppy’s potty area in the yard. These are helpful for potty training your puppy. You’ll be able to know when your puppy needs to go outside to go potty. You will first need to train your puppy how to use the bells. Once your puppy learns that, they will start ringing them automatically to go outside.

Ensuring your puppy has a great start is vital to their happiness and behavior. If you need help training your new family member, we offer in-home individual training, puppy socialization, and group classes to help!

For individual sessions, please visit to schedule.

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