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Setting your puppy up for success

- First of all when you get a puppy between the ages of 8-12 weeks you need to start socializing them right away to everything. People, dogs, places, things, etc. The socialization period is usually over between 14-16 weeks of age. Next and during the socialization stage it is important to do a puppy class. In a class your puppy is getting socialization to other puppies and people. And is also learning all the basics., such as sit, down, stand, come/touch, wait, stay, watch me, place, loose leash walking, and even more. You can sign up to take a puppy class that I offer locally in Evergreen, CO.

- Make sure you have all of the equipment that you need such as food, treats, toys, towels, blankets, brushes, leashes, collars, bowls, a crate, bed, etc.

Also make sure you have a enough room for your dog to run around and go to bathroom outside. Also make sure you have house boundaries set up this includes what rooms you do or don’t want t the he dog in, if it is allowed on the furniture, stuff like this.

- Here is a link on potty training:

- Make sure every place and situation is a fun and positive experience for your puppy.

- Also puppies like to chew on everything. Here is a link to read on chewing:

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